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By clicking this check box you are committed to living a healthier lifestyle with the help of the Cain Coaching family. You will make a promise to yourself that you CAN achieve your goals, WILL drink Shakeology daily, WILL complete scheduled workouts, and WILL NOT give up. You are making that promise to you, because if you fail to do your part, you are letting yourself down. You will be an active member in the challenge group because others want to be a part of your journey. You will not be negative and make hateful comments to others in the Challenge Group and you will not share information with others unless you ask for permission from the “owner” of the picture, status, etc. You are ready to put the simple formula to work and succeed at your goals (Believe You Can + Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success). YOU will take a BEFORE and AFTER photo that way you can receive a T-Shirt for your accomplishment and a chance to win over $100,000 in cash prizes when you reach your goal(s). You are ready to improve and it starts today! * *
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