Initial Teacher Form - 2019/2020
Hello, my BRiLLiANT teacher!

If your school principal has already signed up your school, you are in the right place! We are ready and anxious to serve you this school year and hope that your students will improve in their reading and life skills with the help of our Book Buddy volunteers.

BBC aims to assist and support schools and teachers in their efforts to address the alarming rates of illiteracy present in our nation’s youth. It is our hope that students exceed their grade requirements for literacy, and that BBC and its volunteers make a significant impact on local, and then national, school drop-out rates, crime, and poverty.

BRiLLiANT Book Clubs will be recruiting volunteers for your school and training them to be lunch time Book Buddies. If we find volunteers to match up with your groups, you will be receiving an email to submit your kids names, reading levels, and permission forms. Volunteers will call you to set up your first meeting at the cafeteria on their chosen day of the week. They will take the students with their lunches to the BRiLLiANT Book Club Room (or other authorized meeting area) to practice reading while they eat.

First, please scroll down and fill out the form below to the best of your ability! You may need to only give an estimate of how many groups your classroom could have. Volunteers will be looking at the available groups from across the city.

Second, look for an automatic email sent to you with permission forms to send home with your students.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you and your students! Please share this program with any friends or family that might want to get involved!

Lindsay McClellan
Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator
You can watch our short promotional video here!
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We will need you to check your email right after you submit this form. Your permission forms will be available to print and send home with your students. Can you commit to send them home with all of your students right away? It not only gives permission for volunteers to meet and take photos, it also invites the parents to join in on the fun! Thank you for doing this swiftly. :)
We find that parents often do not turn these in and volunteers are waiting to meet until they do. If you can send these home right away, we believe this expedite the process!
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