Public Relations Team Application (GIRLS)
The California Rainbow Public Relations Team is looking for girls to serve on our team for the 2020-21 term.
Our team's goal is to get the attention of the community, and to tell them who we are.

We are looking for girls who are excited to share ideas and learn publicity skills.

PLEASE NOTE - YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A EMAIL CONFIRMATION OF SUBMISSION. If you do not receive one, please contact us at

Email address *
Age 15 (or above) by Grand Assembly. (PGOs may apply if still an active member.)

2nd Year PR applicants may indicate in notes if they are interested in a lead position

Active in your Rainbow Assembly.
Application Deadline
Deadline for this application is February 22nd.

New members of the Public Relations Team will be announced at Grand Assembly.
*Be available to attend each monthly one hour conference call

*Download Zoom app / utilize zoom website for calls

*Join the PR Facebook Group and be an active/responsive member

*Participate by helping with various projects

*Be a self starter and be responsible for finishing assignments

*Help with state photos and social media at events as able

*Attend the PR Weekend Retreat in central California Shaver Lake

*Attend First and Last OV Sunday Morning PR meeting

*Attend Saturday Morning GA 2021 PR meeting

*Be a PR liaison by spreading info to your district / area
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References - Please list two advisory board members or active Rainbow adults, their title and their emails and/or phone numbers:
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Do you know any design applications Example: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Canva, etc. And do you have a Mac or PC. (List if applicable) *
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What Social Media platforms do you know how to use? *
Do you own a smart (cell) phone? If so please list year and model. *
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How familiar are you with Google Apps/Suite (docs/sheets/etc)? *
What ideas do you have on spreading the word about Rainbow Girls to the public? *
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Give us a brief summary of your time in Rainbow (years as a member, offices held, etc): *
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Are you available to participate in monthly conference calls? *
Considering your current schedule, how many hours a month do you feel you could contribute to the team? (ex: 2 hours) *
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PR RETREAT in Central California - PLEASE READ
PR Members, Grand Officers and Advisers will need to attend a PR team retreat April 24-26 (Fri-Sun).

The retreat will be held in central California Shaver Lake, location subject to change.

We will have training on Publicity skills including Canva, the IORG brand, basic photography tips, and Social Media scheduling/platform. We will discuss team rules, the year's agenda, projects, roles and have team building and fun events

The fee for housing and food is $65 per person.

Parents are welcome to chaperone.

We ask applicants to reserve this weekend in case you are called as a team member.
Please indicate if you are able to attend the PR Retreat by checking all that apply; *
If chosen for the team, you have the option of having a professional badge made with your name and "CA IORG PR Team" to wear throughout the year. The badge will cost you $8 and be payable at Grand Assembly or via paypal within the week after (further instructions to be given there).
Please Note: If you have a badge from last year you are welcome to continue using your badge if you prefer not to buy a new one.
Please indicate below if you would like a badge. *
If you indicated you would like a badge, please write the preferred spelling of your full name (how you want it to read) for the badge below;
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Thank you for applying to the PR team and for your enthusiasm in Rainbow!
Please direct any questions to
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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