First Global Teen Health Week Feedback
Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts or feedback on how Teen Health Week can be improved.
How did you learn about Teen Health Week?
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How did you or your organization participate? (check all that apply)
Were you pleased with the amount of communications?
Did you use the 7 Daily Theme toolkits?
How far in advance would you want toolkits available for 2019?
How would you improve the toolkits?
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Did you use the Communications Guide for press releases or other communications?
How can the Communications Guide be improved?
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Did you use the website?
How did you use the website?
How can the website be improved?
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Feedback regarding Teen Health Week t-shirts (check all that apply)
Which of these themes should be kept for 2019?
Please suggest additional themes for 2019
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What is the best way to share updates for 2019?
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback. Your opinions and ideas are very important for continued improvement and growth of Global Teen Health Week. Teen Health Week 2019 is March 17-23. Mark your calendars! To join the mailing list, sign up here:
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