Confirmation Sponsor Form - Due 4/25/2018
Name of Sponsor (and Sponsor Eligibility Form if applies) is/are due on Last Confirmation Prep class of Spring Semester (4/25/18).

What is a Sponsor: A Sponsor is someone of strong faith in the Catholic tradition. S/he must be willing to make a commitment to the candidate for a sacrament, and guide that candidate in the area of spirituality.

Sponsor Regulations:
2) A Sponsor must be at least sixteen years old
3) Must be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church
4) Must be in right relationship with the Catholic Church. This means that the Sponsor is registered in a parish, attends Mass and receives the sacraments regularly, and is able to share his/her faith openly and honestly with the candidate.
5) A Sponsor does not have to be a member of this parish, or live in the local area.
6) The Sponsor should be present at the Confirmation, but if this is not possible, a proxy may “stand in” for the Sponsor (A parent may serve as the proxy).
7) If the Sponsor is not a registered member of this parish, his/her pastor must sign the Sponsor Eligibility Form before it is returned to our office. A CANDIDATE WHOSE SPONSOR IS NOT A MEMBER OF ST. JOSEPH'S PARISH CAN NOT CELEBRATE THE SACRAMENT IN OUR PARISH WITHOUT THIS FORM COMPLETED AND SIGNED BY SPONSOR’S PASTOR. - Form can be printed off St. Joseph's Parish Website.
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