Hair Loss Remedies
It is normal that every day you lose hair, but if you indeed notice that you lose more hair than normal, you should do something. To come to the desired solution, you must first know the cause of your hair loss. These causes can vary because certain causes for hair loss only apply to women and others only to men.

What you prefer to prevent hair loss?
Hair Loss Therapy
Propecia, the remedy for hair loss
Hair loss is often the biggest nightmare of many men and chances are that it happens. In most men it happens around the age of 30 that they suddenly see hair loss, but sometimes it happens at a younger age. There are various treatments to combat hair loss, including taking Propecia.

One speaks of real hair loss only when a person loses more than 100 hairs in one day and this has visible consequences. A normal person loses 100 hairs in a day, but they grow again. Visible result may be a receding hairline and / or thinning of the head of hair.

What types of hair loss do you have?
There are different types of hair loss that you can suffer from. The most common hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia and baldness starts from the crown. This form of baldness leads to complete hair loss in few cases. 90% of everything men seem to have to deal with sooner or later. The cause lies in the area where the testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone if you have too much of the latter, it accelerates hair growth. Since a hair follicle can produce up to twenty times a new hair, you can quickly go through your supplies.

Alopecia areata or plummy hair loss. This is actually a disease of the hair roots where suddenly all your hair fall out on a spot on your body. Telogen Defluvium what a kind of resting phase content. Suddenly you lose a lot of hair and your hair goes into a kind of rest phase. You can lose hair by using medication and by a physical illness.
It is always wise to determine what causes your hair loss before you start with any form of treatment.

The use of Propecia
Propecia is one of the few drugs that has been proven to help prevent hair loss. The product not only helps to counteract but can even regrow hair where the hair roots are still intact. Propecia is nothing other than 1mg Finasteride that has long been used against prostate enlargement. Men with prostate problems should take 5mg per day, but in a reduced dose it also helps against hair loss. Finasteride ensures that testosterone has less effect on hair growth. The product only has effects after six months of use and you should always use it. It is indicated that the hair loss will increase again when you stop. Propecia seems to help 90% of the men and in 65% of the men the hair grew back again.
The costs of using Propecia
The use of Propecia is generally not reimbursed by health insurers or only in exceptional cases. Ask your health insurer whether you are insured for the use of Propecia. The costs are around 1.50 euros per pill, so it costs about 45 euros per month before use. However, the more you order, the less it costs per pill ranging from 1.58 euros to 1.47 euros per pill.
The side effects of Propecia
The use of Propecia may have some side effects. The use can affect your libido, but also the potency and erection. This took place in 1 in 100 men. In addition, less than 1 in 1,000 men suffered from swollen breasts.
How to get
Propecia is only available on prescription at the pharmacy. To obtain Propecia you must first go to your doctor to get this product. Please note that providers are active on the internet that indicate that they can deliver this product without a prescription. These are often no real propecia products and counterfeiting.
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