Athletes First Fall Internship Application
Athletes First is a full-service sports agency located in Laguna Hills, CA with over 200 clients including NFL players, NFL and NCAA coaches, personnel and broadcasters.

Athletes First is seeking interns to assist our agency during Fall 2019 (early September through mid-December). Interns must be hardworking and detail-oriented.

Please note that we have recently restructured our internship to have interns focused on specific departments. Within your application, you will be asked to rank the areas that most interest you. You are welcome to elaborate on why you ranked as you did in your cover letter (but it is not necessary). Candidates who are hired will ultimately be placed based on a combination of their preference and their existing relevant experience.

The areas are as follows:
• Football - You may assist any of our certified agents in various ways including providing information on a recruit, checking/comparing stats for existing clients, etc. Through your time, you will gain a better understanding of the player/agent relationship and the steps that go into obtaining and upkeep of a client. You will be supervised by one of our dual player and coaching agents who is also heading the recruiting process this year.
•Marketing - You will help with research of marketing and endorsement opportunities for clients, reach out to companies on behalf of clients, and generally support the marketing staff in securing deals. You will have the opportunity to assist with an sit in on negotiations for multiple marketing/endorsement agreements.
• Client Relations – You will support our Client Relations staff that assists clients with any concierge needs they have off of the field. This includes helping with travel, finding and securing housing, public relations, assisting with their charities, post-career matters and more. Involvement with this department will serve as a well-rounded way to gain experience on the added value that we offer to our clients.
• Legal – You will assist our General Counsel, who is also a coaching agent, in the review and creation of representation, employment and marketing contracts for clients as well as assist with any other potential legal needs for clients or the company as a whole. It is a great opportunity to apply your legal experience in a sports setting.

Internships are offered at our Laguna Hills, CA office only. Unless otherwise stated, interns are expected to work full-time working hours (9am to 6pm) Monday through Friday, though we can have flexibility to work around school schedules, if applicable. Interns are responsible for their own housing and transportation. Internships are offered either for credit or hourly pay.

Candidates must possess the following skills:
•Proven time management skills & ability to multitask
•Ability to solve problems creatively
•Strong verbal and written communication skills
•Background in sports, marketing or law preferred but not required

Fall 2019 applications are due no later than July 1, 2019. If you have any questions, please email

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