Unicorn Cashmere Bespoke Onesie Measurements
This is to walk through the designing and measuring for your experience of the Khan's and leads you to your very own 100% cashmere onesie. Walk through life while in a cashmere cloud. Please refer to unicorncashere.com if you need to see the colors, and if you have any direct questions magic@unicorncashmere or 415-691-8333

NEXT ORDER DATE March 15, 2021 (delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks after order date * COVID lockdown in Mongolia depending *)

ººPlease use "ankle" and "wrist" to mean the place where you would like the edge of the garment to be on your body.ºº
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Thigh (circumference) in cm *
Knee (circumference) in cm *
Elbow (circumference) in cm *
Wrist (circumference) in cm *
Back (Shoulder to Shoulder) in cm *
Body Length (Nape of neck to floor) in cm *
Body Length (Nape of neck to ankle) in cm *
Body Length (Nape of neck to front crotch from behind) in cm *
Body Length (top of sternum to front crotch ) in cm *
Leg Length (inseam to ankle ) in cm *
Leg Length ("outseam" - waist to ankle ) in cm *
Body (Armpit to waist) in cm *
Arm Length (Armpit to wrist) in cm *
Arm Length (Edge of Shoulder to wrist with arm down at side) in cm *
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