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Thank you for your interest in our project clustering program. The objective of the workshop is to stimulate international cooperation in the areas of Industry 4.0: Advanced Robotics, and Industrial Internet of Things, between running projects in the four Intelligent Manufacturing System (IMS) Programme regions, namely USA, EU, Mexico and South Africa in order to stimulate synergies, maximize mutual benefits and to identify potential plans for cooperation within the clusters, based on the shared vision of its participants.
Please identify and list exploitable results from your ongoing projects, that you would like to share and further develop in a cluster. The aim is to identify a few main results (up to 3 max.) per ongoing project around which collaboration could be sought, clusters formed and work-programs drawn. The objective of this worshop is mainly the collaboration among ongoing and funded projects and not necessarily the formation of new research projects.
Definition of Exploitable Results for the sake of the clustering workshop only:

Innovative results (either achieved or expected) coming from a project which have commercial/social significance and can be exploited as a stand alone product, process, service, etc… (In this sense, “exploitation”, “exploit”, “exploitable”, etc. are used in a loose sense, and not in a predatory or negative fashion. It could refer to results which are valuable in terms of immediate commercialisation, social good, or even progress on previous R&D towards a marketable product or service in society.)

After the project, these results in principle might need further R&D, prototyping, engineering, validation etc… before they become commercially exploitable.


The main objective of exploitation/commercialization is to create value and/or provide social benefits. Exploitable R&D results can be products, processes, methods, services, etc. which are new, improved or less costly. The combination of these can raise different issues to be identified and understood to succeed .
(i) a new product implies an anticipation of change in behaviour of customers and their willingness to pay for it,
(ii) for an improved product one must clearly identify the limitations of the existing ones,
(iii) the use of technology to reduce cost should guarantee performances required
The main benefits for exploiting partners include:
- New knowledge
- Increase of market share
- Increase of revenue
- Cost savings
- Etc.

Please identify three exploitable results your organization can bring to the table
Exploitable Result Titles
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Exploitable Result #3
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