Classroom Rules and Procedures
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If you need Mrs. Albert's attention during class, what should you do? *
What is the most ideal scenario Mrs. Albert wants to see in class? *
What is your job during a "stranger/danger" drill? (Check all that apply) *
If Mrs. Albert is talking to another student, teachers, parent, administrator, or anyone else during class what should you do? *
Students that have missing work can still participate in Friday Free Time. *
It is okay to talk in line when going to specials, lunch, or waiting in the hallway for another class. *
Grading is weighted, so you should always do your best. *
What should you do when you enter the classroom in the morning? (check all that apply) *
What must you do if you arrive at school after the bell (8:20 am)? *
How many days do you have to turn in assignments if you were absent? *
In order to attend quarterly good behavior parties, a student must have... (check all that apply) *
When the 8:17 am bell rings, you should be in your seat, but can continue talking. *
You were absent. What should you do? *
All assignments must... (check all that apply) *
On a scale of 1-5, how excited are you about this school year? *
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Extremely excited
I understand that when I turn in an assignment late, my grade on that assignment will be reduced. The amount the grade is reduced is determined by the number of missing assignments I have already. *
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