Girls Rock Louisville Summer 2018 -Workshop proposal form

Girls Rock Louisville works hard to foster a space for participants to come together and build community based on shared experiences and sharing experiences. We ask that workshops promote our mission to empower our participants through music education and activities that foster leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, social justice and collaboration. Are you interested in leading a workshop at camp?

We’re looking for workshops that fit within the 4 distinct themes we’ve created for our campers to experience:

Feminism 101
Examples of workshops could include media literacy, representations in media, diversity and gender, intersectionality, history of women in music, etc.

Experiments in Music & Sound
Examples of workshops could include home recording, pedals, musical maps, improvisation, making your own instruments or contact microphones, DJing, Digital Music Making, etc.

Self Care at Rock Camp
Examples of workshops could include self defense, yoga, establishing healthy boundaries / consent, what to do when relationships hurt, etc.

Music Makers
Examples of workshops could include songwriting, stage presence, making harmonies, touring / booking shows, managing band dynamics, band art, etc.

June 11-15: 9 AM-4 PM daily at Western Middle School, Louisville, KY

*Please feel free to collaborate on workshops and proposals!
*Each workshop group will have approximately 20 campers. For some helpful tips on age based learning styles, click
*Workshops are mostly 1 hour
*Be sure your workshops have lots of interactive components -- this is summer camp, not study hall!
*We hope to provide our presenters with the A/V equipment they need (computers, projectors, etc).
Rock on!

Propose a workshop you would like to lead. We'd like to encourage you to approach this as the expert you are and think about the particular skills you have to share with our campers. When writing your proposal, try to incorporate ways our campers can share and listen, as well as collaborate.Then tell us about it! Thanks! QUESTIONS? Mary:
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Age Appropriateness (We like workshops that can be tailored to all ages, but let us know if your workshop is better for one age group or another Feel free to pick more than 1 age group!) *
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Thank you for signing up to volunteer for Girls Rock Louisville! If you haven't filled out a general application, please visit this link: Workshop proposals and applications will be open until March 28th, and we’ll be contacting you shortly thereafter to let you know if your workshop will work with our schedule.
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