Tee Shirt Design Questionnaire
Please answer the following items thoroughly to ensure the project meets or exceeds your expectations.
Please make sure to complete all these items and send any necessary attachments in an email to scott@scottpond.com.

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What is the Client's name? *
What is the email address for the Client? *
What is the PayPal billing email address (if different from Client's Email)? *
Note: this is for billing invoicing of the retainer and the final balance.
What is the desired deadline for the project? *
NOTE: Every effort will be made to meet your project deadline, however extremely short deadlines may require additional charges. Actual delivery date will depend on current workload, requested changes, and number of edits required.
Do you have any font style preferences, such as for branding consistency? If so, please validate it can be used for commercial purposes and provide font file to the Designer in an email (scott@scottpond.com). If you have no preference, please type "No Preference". *
Do you have a branding logo that needs to be incorporated into the design? If yes, please be sure to send it to Scott@scottpond.com, preferably in a large vector format. *
What size do you need the final design on the teeshirt to be? Please provide height and width of the desired design output. *
What tee-shirt printing service are you using for the production of your shirts? If unknown at this time, type "unknown". *
What colors are you planning on using for the final design? Please provide up to three colors. If unknown at this time, type "Unknown". *
What design are you requesting. Please provide as much explanation as possible, including people, places, things, angles, positions, design styles, and treatments (present versus worn/faded). The more information you can provide can help us determine the level of effort for the design. If you have links to examples, please also list them here as well. *
Additional information: Thoughts, questions, ideas, references, etc. If nothing, type "N/A". *
How did you hear about us? *
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