Laura Cossette Scholarship Application
Presented by the Society of Women Engineers Southern New Hampshire Section

Laura Schuler Cossette passed away in 2017 from Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She was an Engineer and a very successful business woman who cared tremendously about her craft and the people she worked with. Laura was the only woman in her Engineering class, so she experienced firsthand the difficult road for female Engineers. According to USA Today approximately 20% of all college freshman Engineers are women, while only 14% of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering graduates in 2016 were women. By the age of 30, one in four women have left the Engineering profession compared to one in ten men. In the US we need more Engineers. Adding and keeping women in the workforce will not only increase that number but add much needed diversity and creativity to the profession. In addition, the effect of women Engineers in the work pipeline will over time increase women’s roles in business leadership positions.
Laura had a reputation for putting others ahead of her ambitions and cared deeply about women’s issues. So, to best honor her memory, her family, friends and colleagues have created the Laura Schuler Cossette Charitable Fund to benefit women Engineers. Our goal is to enable more women to become Engineers and encourage more women to stay in the profession.

To qualify for this $2500 scholarship, applicants must be:
1) A Maynard High School female student graduating in 2018
2) Accepted into an Engineering College Program
3) Will not be receiving a full scholarship or fully funded from any other organization or school
4) Must be a US Citizen or Permanent resident
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As the successful scholarship recipient, how would you give back to your school or the engineering industry? *
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