OFA Team/Fellow Reporting Form

This Nightly reporting form should be filled out M-S by Team Leaders & Fellows. Expecting everyone who has accepted responsibility from volunteer leader to fellow to staff to report on progress helps us learn, support each other, and see whether we are progressing or need to address challenges.

It's not about seeing who is failing or succeeding - it's about learning & telling the story of your great work. Thank you for taking it seriously and leaning in!

This is how we tell the story of our state, the work on the ground to:

1. the President, OFA & national partners (all making TN relevant nationally to help draw attention and resources!)
2. current donors/funders (so they see the return on their investment and keep giving)
3. prospective donors (so they see what their giving will help grow and have impact)
4. our own volunteers (so we can see how what we do adds up and makes a difference)
5. ourselves - so we can learn what works/doesn't and grow/get better!

Thank you for reporting!