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Thank you for choosing to join us.

We are, first and foremost, a digital magazine. All issues are free to view digitally on If your work is chosen for publication, it will be available to view in our free digital magazine as well as for sale in our print magazine.

PERJUS magazines are printed to order, and we do not provide any free print copies under any circumstance at this time. A circumstantial discounted rate for contributors and models may be provided depending on the issue. This is not guaranteed.


Release form text for review purposes only/not to be signed:

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Please review the following information carefully:
Not all submissions will be accepted. After you successfully complete the submission form, your work will be reviewed by PERJUS. If your work is accepted, you will receive notification. If your work is not accepted, you will not receive notification. Following notification of acceptance, you will receive an email regarding next steps and release forms.

Please inform your model(s) in advance of submitting that they may receive an email from PERJUS with a release form requiring their signature to approve your work for publication. WE WILL NOT PUBLISH ANY PHOTOGRAPHY IF A MODEL DOES NOT SIGN OUR MODEL RELEASE FORM. Absolutely no exceptions. In this context, "model" refers to any recognizable human being.

Once all release forms are signed by contributors and models, your work may be released via our website or social media at any time.

Final notes:
We only follow our own release schedules. If for whatever reason your work cannot legally or contractually be released on our timeline due to prior circumstances, please contact us before submitting and we will try our best to work with you.

We are not obligated to share the list of approved contributors in advance. Please do not follow up.

Please fill out your submission form accurately. You are fully responsible for crediting any work you submit. We only publish credits that are accurately submitted into our submission form. We will not follow up to confirm spelling, or any other formatting. What you submit is what is printed. Under no circumstance will contributors be sent proofs of future issues for review.

Social media and other web links will not be included in our magazine in any way.

Purchasing items from the PERJUS prop/costume idea store does not guarantee publication in PERJUS magazine and also does not guarantee a web feature on

All members of creative teams + models: please do not submit work on behalf of a photographer. Submissions should come from photographers, sometimes a creative director, artists and/or their agencies.

By filling out this submission form you understand our policy on print copies and all other aforementioned policies/etc. on our submission page, in the FAQ, and in release form.

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