Anesthesia PraCtice for Cesarean DElivery Snapshot Study: ACCESS

Dear Colleagues,
From the ESAIC-Obstetric Anaesthesiology Subforum together with expert European colleagues, we are planning to launch a new study to assess anesthesia practice during cesarean delivery.

If you would be interested in your center participating, please complete this preliminary registration form poll.

Each participating country will have several centers with a National Coordinator. 

Each participating center will have a Lead Investigator

You may have already been approached and agreed to participate. 

This poll is designed to evaluate/confirm your interest to be Lead Investigator of your study center, to estimate the total number of cesarean delivery cases that may be surveyed in total, and to collect your contact details in order to send further information. 

Our study goal is to recruit all consecutive cesarean deliveries in a 2 week (15-days) snapshot period in each participating center. This way we can gather information (limited number of outcomes) concerning anesthesia management of cesarean delivery.  

During the study period, every anesthesiologist will be asked complete a short case report form after every cesarean delivery during the 2 week snapshot period. There will be no interventions with patients and data will be collected retrospectively, after completion of the cesarean delivery, thus it is expected that informed consent will not be required. However local institutional or national approval or waiver will be required. 

National Coordinators and Lead Investigators are entitled to study group publication authorship,  commensurate with contribution, as outlined in the study protocol you will receive after completion of this poll. 

The snapshot study is planned to begin on September 1st 2023. This should give time for all centers to get the necessary approvals. Centers may specify their start date, once they have all the necessary approvals in place. 

Note that the data introduced in this registration form poll will used for identifying potential ACCESS study centers and will follow the GDPR.

Thank you for your participation in the ACCESS registration form poll. 

For queries and comments please contact the Primary Investigator 

 Professor Carolyn Weiniger, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


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