Trails Transform America Campaign
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is calling on active transportation partners and trail professionals like you to submit projects showing that the economic, job-creation, and transportation benefits of trails and active transportation networks make them cost-effective investments that belong in any infrastructure bill.

The goal is to ensure that any infrastructure bill funds trails and active transportation and that great ideas from our community are included among specific projects that gain support.

For more information, and to see other project submissions, visit our website:
Frequently Asked Questions
What projects are eligible to be submitted?
There are two criteria for project submissions: 1) minimum project cost and 2) project readiness.

1) Minimum project cost: We want to hear about your trail or active transportation projects with a total price tag of $15 million or more. Think active transportation networks: $15 million could include multiple segments that comprise a network, or fill in the gaps between existing trails.

2) Project readiness: Project submissions should be ready to break ground in three years or less. Politicians like to talk in terms of “shovel-ready” projects—a term you’ll be hearing a lot in the news. For now, when we say “shovel-ready” we mean projects that will have a construction crew beginning work on site. We want to hear about your projects that will be ready for this in three years or less.

Why does the submission form ask the questions it does?
This is the project information that the White House has been seeking. The National Governor’s Association and others have already submitted projects answering nearly identical questions. Keeping the same format will give your ideas an optimal chance to be taken seriously.

Will my project be submitted to the White House or Congress?
Individual projects will not be submitted as a formal package to either branch of government by RTC, but we will use your plans to show the value of trail and active transportation investments and help create visibility for your specific ideas. This will include web and social media presentations telling specific stories and providing access to your ideas, and guidance to help you gain media attention and decision-maker support. Together, we will make the case to Congress and the White House that trail and active transportation networks must be funded.

I don't have some of the information required. Can I still submit my project?
It depends on what information it is. We're flexible, but please e-mail our policy team at to work something out with us!

Can I submit more than one $15 m+, shovel-ready project?

I have another question! Who should I contact?
Please e-mail our policy team at
Ready? Let's get started!
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