Research & Development of Porn Addiction
Playwright Richard Chilver will be pitching an idea for a stage play on porn addiction. Richard will be sharing his research on porn addiction, summarising a research process that has involved interviewing Sexual Relationship Therapists, Neuroscientists and those recovering or living with porn addiction. This talk will take place at an important time as Richard formalises how his play can be a vehicle to discuss porn addiction.

Richard’s work has been supported by The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity (ATSAC); The College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists (COSRT), Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) and Lottery Funding from Arts Council England.

This survey is for people who have family members, friends or partners who are living with or have lived with porn addiction.

We understand that porn addiction is not recognised by the World Health Organisation as a diagnosable addiction however to many the term feels appropriate to describe their experiences.

We also understand that excessive use of porn can occur alongside other problematic sexual behaviour. The focus of this survey concerns pornography use, please try to keep your answers on this topic.
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This survey should take approximately 5-15 minutes.

All of the information you provide is anonymous.

The information you provide will only be shared with the core research & development team and will not be shared or distributed without written consent from you.

You may ask for your information to be deleted at any time.

Your answers will be kept on file for 7 years and then deleted from all databases.

You may ask to see your written response at any time.

The information you provide will lead to the intention of creating a staged performance. The research is intended only to generate authenticity and not material. No person in the performance will be recognisable to any specific person who has answered any survey or interview questions.

In best practice, we want to safeguard you and everyone involved in this research. If any answer you provide is considered to place you or anyone else at risk or harm, it is our duty to inform the relevant authorities.

We recognise that answering some of these questions may trigger unwanted emotional labour. In recognition of this, you may skip any question you do not feel comfortable answering and may stop the survey at any point.

If you are affected by anything whilst answering these questions here are some places to find support:

The Laurel Centre -
COSRT (College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists) -
Sexual Advice Association - Helpline: 0207 486 7262
ATSAC – Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity -

We want to thank you for your participation in this research and value the time and honesty you have shared. We hope this research and development may help those living with porn addiction to seek help without shame and for everyone to have an accurate understanding of the struggles people may face.

For more information or queries please contact Alice Sandon (Participation Producer) on or Richard Chilver on

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How long were you with your partner before you became aware of their addiction?
What were your feelings towards pornography before this experience? What are they now?
What was happening in your life around the time your partner started to need to watch pornography?
Why do you think your partner became addicted to pornography?
Did you think they had an addiction before they recognised it ?
How has it affected the relationship with your partner?
Has there been any affect on your children (if you have any)?
Would you say your identity or sense of self was affected in any way?
Did you tell anyone about your partner’s addiction? If so, what did you say?
Do you feel that the rise of easy-to-access pornography has affected men's expectations of women?
What do you think of the performers who appear in pornography?
Many women earn more money than men in the porn industry - does this affect or change your view of it?
If you could change one thing about pornography, or the porn industry, what would it be?
How would you describe your life right now? I.e. education, friends, family, work, homes, hobbies.
Where did you hear about this research and development?
Do you have any further comments?
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