The Beginners Lindy Hop Course is Sold Out
January 18th - Febuary 22nd - 6 weeks - €60
30's Charleston Track
If you havent recieved a confirmation email. then unfortunately this beginners course is full. The nect course starts in march and of course you are always welcome at our drop in beginners class every Monday in the Grand social at 8pm.

we have space in our 6pm classes bin 20s charleston starting in Feb also

Thank you

Rory V

Thank you for your interest in registering for our 30's Charleston track. The Charleston is one of the 3 most common rhythms you will find yourself using all the time as you social dance The Lindy Hop and in this 6 week course we will teach you the basics.The course starts on Wednesday, January 18th and will run until February 22nd.

Javier & Olga will be your teachers assisted by the rest of the Dublindy teaching team.This course will be progressive and spaces are limited so don't delay and register on this form and we will email when your place is confirmed.

The class will take place every Wednesday in Dance House on Foley st in Studio 2 at 8pm sharp to 9:30pm from Jan 18th to Feb 22nd.

To answer some common questions. You dont need to register with a partner and anyone can register as a lead (traditionally the male role) or as a follow (traditionally the female role). You can register with a partner and if you do include their name in the form. There are usually more follows than leads so if you want to avoid the waiting list register early, or with a partner or as a lead. You can wear any comfortable clothes and flat comfortable shoes that are not to grippy, so avoid runners.

Payment can be made on January 18th before the first class. Thanking you



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