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If you would like to volunteer in the Gulf County and/or Mexico Beach area for Hurricane Michael relief efforts, we can help coordinate you with the right folks. Please provide information below. If you require sign off for community service hours, please indicate on the form. These activities are not sponsored by any government affiliation or one agency or person. This form is only meant as a means to connect you with volunteering opportunities and those leading those opportunities. In most cases, volunteer activities will not be overseen by To You With Love, Inc.
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Do you understand that this is volunteer work only and of your own free will (you will not receive any type of compensation), to hold To You With Love Inc harmless included, but not limited to, all activities and/or disputes that may arise due to your volunteer work? Do you understand that To You With Love Inc will not be overseeing all work performed and is only meant as a means to connect you with ongoing volunteer opportunities we are made aware of? *
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