FOOD TRADER // SUMMER 2019 Application Form
Sheffield’s original night market, Peddler takes place at 92 Burton Rd, inside our 7500 sq.ft. warehouse and spilling out into the cobbled courtyard and carpark.
2018 was a record-breaking year, with more than 9,000 people through the gates during a two-day Peddler.
If you’d like to apply to trade at Peddler in Summer 2019, please complete the application form and specify which dates you would like to trade.
The deadline for applications is Monday 1st April 2019.
Please note, we work closely with our neighbours and as such, we don’t accept applications from traders selling pizzas, baked goods, teas & coffees or alcohol.

Trader Fees//
£80 +VAT deposit, per day trading. This deposit secures your spot and will be refunded following your participation in the event. It is non-refundable in the event of cancellation or if the Terms & Conditions as outlined below aren’t met.
15% of gross revenues (inc. VAT) payable at the end of each day’s trade, minus the deposit paid.
Please note as of 2019 we are adding a surcharge to any trader who requires more than 5kW of electrical power supplied by us. This will be a flat fee of £25+VAT per day of trade. Any trader who uses more than they state on the pre-peddler google form will have this taken from the deposit at the end of the weekend/day. If you fall under this category you can either lower your wattage by dropping an appliance/switch to gas or pay the surcharge.

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Summer 2019
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