The Impacts of Studentification on Communities in Exeter
My name is Georgia Dicker. I am a third-year student studying Geography at Aberystwyth University, collecting data for my dissertation. During my studies I have taken particular interest into understanding the impacts students and subsequently studentification, have on communities in host towns and cities. Darren Smith defined the term studentification as the 'contradictory social, cultural, economic and physical changes resulting from an influx of students within privately- rented accommodation in particular neighbourhoods.’ This survey will provide both students and residents who live in Exeter, with the opportunity to express their first-hand experiences.

This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. All responses to the survey will be kept anonymous under the Data Protection Act 1988 and will only be used for the purpose of this dissertation. If at any point you wish to withdraw from the research, you can simply exit the browser to ensure your answers are not submitted.

By continuing with this survey, you are confirming that you live in Exeter, are over the age of 18 and you give consent for your data to be anonymously used within this research.

If you encounter any problems, or have any further questions about my project, feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time.
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