NUC Executive Committee application
This application is National UNITY Council (N.U.C.) members interested in petitioning for an area representative position on the N.U.C. Executive Committee. Members petitioning must be in good standings in order for their name to be on the ballot. Criteria for good standings is as follows:

Representatives of Youth Councils in Good standings:
-youth council constitution and bylaws submitted
-letter of resolution
-conduct one project through out the year
-submit a yearly Youth council report
-$100 affiliation fee

Individuals in good standings:
-Letter of support from a tribal leader
-yearly report
-$50 affiliation fee

Criteria for those running for a Co-President position:
-Must be in good standings
-Must have previously served as an Area Representative

DEADLINE to submit petitions is April 5th, at 11:59pm.

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