Fearless Glamour Measurement Form
Measure twice, write it once! :D That is the key to the perfect fit!
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This looks much longer than it is because of the explanations. It really isn't that bad! See http://www.fearlessglamour.com/sizing.html for additional help
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Chest Circumference
Chest Circumference (Fullest Part): *
Measure around the fullest part of the bust IN PERFORMANCE BRA. NOT your rib cage size below the bust.
Rib Band Size:
Measure around ribs directly under bust.
Center Back
Center Back: *
Knob at base of back of neck to natural waist. Your natural waist MAY NOT be the location of the normal top of your trousers...I am short waisted and my natural waist is almost 4" above my belly button. Your natural waist is the USUALLY the NARROWEST part of your torso. If you can't determine the location of your natural waist, use a spot about 2" above your belly button line for the level of your natural waist. OR lean to the side and note where your skin folds on your side for the bend. And do NOT go larger because it gets larger between your waist and your hips.
Back Shoulder Width
Back Shoulder Width: *
Measure across the back from the knob on top of your shoulder to the knob on the other side. If you have a question about this you could also measure this on a well fitting blouse by measuring from the sleeve seam on the shoulder to the sleeve seam on the other shoulder. We are looking for the maximum width of the top back of the costume.
Neck Circumference: *
How big around is your neck?
Natural Waist: *
You figured out what you were declaring to be your natural waist when you did the center back measurement. How big around are you at that point?
Hip Circumference
Hip Circumference: *
Measure the three points you see on the picture above. If the thighs or upper hip are larger than the center hip then use the biggest measurement. If you wear butt padding to perform, then take the measurement in performance undergarments.
Crotch Length
Crotch Length: *
The length from your natural waist in back, between your legs, and back up to the natural waist in front. You decided where your natural waist was up above.
Arm Measurements
Bicep Circumference: *
Arm Length:
Length from your Arm Pit to your Wrist with your arm down as shown
Wrist Circumference:
Needed for fitted sleeves, gauntlets, etc
Total Height: *
Just your normal old height measurement.
From your shoulder knob to the ground in whatever footwear you use to dance., or will be wearing for the special occasion.
From underneath the bottom of your butt to the ground. This measurement is for styles with back skirt embellishment.
From the center of your knee to the ground. Tells us how high splits should be or where a flare should start for good visual proportions.
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