AIS Interface Modeling Survey
Adaptive Instructional Systems (AISs) are technologies that guide and tailor training & educational experiences for both individual learners and teams of learners.

The goal of this survey is to solicit information from AI experts and stakeholders (AIS providers, buyers & users) to develop a roadmap of needed capabilities and to more clearly understand the challenges in bringing promising AIS technology from state-of-the-art to state-of-practice.

AIS capabilities include not just systems, subsystems and components, but also features, tools, methods, processes, and enabling capabilities. For example, artificial intelligence is widely recognized as an AIS enabling technology.

This survey covers the design, development and application of interface models within AIS solutions. An interface model enables interactions between the learner and the AIS and may be used to interpret the learner’s contributions and progress through various modalities (e.g., speech, typing).

The survey is short and has been designed to be completed in about 5-10 minutes. Thank you for investing time to participate in this important data collection.

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