Utah Silvo-Pastured Chickens, Non-GMO, Corn Free & Soy Free!
PLEASE NOTE: WE are taking a break in August but we will be back and so you can fill out the form below to be notified when we are offering our birds again!

If food is medicine, these birds are prescription strength! Not your standard pastured birds, our flocks are slower grown chickens raised on lush, nutrient dense silvopasture from day one out of the brooder. All chickens require supplemental feed and ours receive only the best and are NEVER given antibiotics or growth hormones. This batch was fed certified organic, non-medicated chick starter while in the brooder, then switched to a nutritionally optimized, NON GMO, corn-free, soy-free mix of whole grains, seeds and legumes from a local mill when moved out to pasture.

About our farm: We believe that premium health is achieved for everybody when we optimize the relationship between Mother Nature and our food production. This is why we choose year over year to integrate as many Restorative Agricultural practices into our process as possible. We strive to build health into our farm starting from the soil up by utilizing techniques from permaculture to wholistic management to silvopasturing and beyond. This means the soil, the plants, the birds and your friends and family at the dinner table all achieve greater health and happiness as a result!

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Food Freedom Act & USDA Inspections
In 2018 Utah legislators passed The Food Freedom Act. This law exempts producers from licensure, permitting, certification, and inspection regulations when selling food (with the exception of non-poultry, processed meat) directly to the informed end consumer for personal use.

Why was this law passed? The past several decades have seen regulatory boards and bureaucracies increase in size, scope, and authority, leading many small farmers to feel overpowered by decisions and directives that are costly or untenable for their operations. Like other forms of regulation, the larger industry players— with access to huge amounts of money and political influence —attempt to commandeer or compromise the regulatory bodies for their own economic benefit.

In short, the food freedom act allows consumers to decide where to spend their own money and source their own food from. This means small farms like us with outstanding humane and ethical food production practices will not be priced out of the market by conventional big ag as long as we have the support of our customers.

Our poultry is not USDA inspected. The health of our animals and the people we serve are our highest priority, therefore our slaughter, processing and storage have been designed to meet or exceed Federal sanitization and contamination expectations. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at info@restorationfoodandfarms.com or by phone at 385-234-8974

You can learn more about how important the Food Freedom Act is for the future of small, ethical and regenerative agriculture by visiting https://libertas.org/policy-papers/food_freedom.pdf
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