Call for Michigan Muralist
Bright Walls Mural Festival is an event in Jackson, Michigan that invites artists from around the world to paint murals during a 6-day community festival. Find more information about the festival at

Bright Walls Mural Festival has a unique opportunity for a limited number muralists who live in Michigan. Our selected Michigan artists will be invited to participate as a muralist on our Michigan wall, featuring a limited number of spaces.

To be considered, you must:
- Live in Michigan
- Be available to participate in the festival September 3rd through September 10th
- Be able to work within the medium of exterior murals using spray paint or exterior latex paint
- Be 18 years or older
- Able to provide your own transportation to and from Jackson, Mich.
- Submit samples of your work using the form below

Submission Deadline: April 26th at 11:00p.

The Bright Walls Artist Selection Team will review all submissions and make the final selection of artists to be invited.

Artist Name
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Home Address *
Include full street address, city, state and zip code.
Social Media *
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Submit a Headshot of yourself *
If you are chosen to participate, this photo will be used as part of the festival promotions.
Submit 3-5 samples of your artwork *
While the final mural will be at the artist's discretion, artists are chosen based on their previous work. If you are invited to participate, you will be expected to complete a piece that fits within the style you submit here. Murals painted during the festival must comply with festival rules including a prohibition on images or text depicting violence, nudity, profanity, political statements, or content that could be construed as an advertisement for the business operating in the building.
Artist Statement *
Tell us about yourself and your work. Be as descriptive as possible. Include any previous murals or large scale works you have completed.
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