Fairfield Neighborhood Yard Sale Sign Up- Spring 2020
By no means do you have to register or sign up to participate in our neighborhood yard sale on Saturday, April 25 from 8-1. However, by signing up, we can help direct traffic to your home, putting signs and arrows up along major roads (e.g. Lord Dunmore Drive and Balfor).

If you have questions, please contact kellyrippard@gmail.com
I am planning to participate in the neighborhood yard sale on Saturday, April 25 from 8-1. *
Please give your street address so that we can make sure to put signs and arrows out to help direct shoppers to your home. *
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We'd like to publish a map on our website. If you're okay with your address being a colored dot on this map, please select yes. We will still have signs out on street corners, too. *
Please specify if you're planning to sell items as a business owner or have your children sell goods (even if it's part of a group). We want to make sure to advertise this for you! (type NA if this doesn't apply to you) *
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