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Questions? Please email Corrine: colague@sfschool.org
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In the event that your desired space is not available, someone will get in touch with alternate options. If you have alternates in mind, please note them as well. If you will need more than one space, please say so below.
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Please explain your setup and cleanup needs in as much detail as possible. Will you need help from our Facilities team, and if so, what are you hoping they will be able to do? Will you need any furniture that is not usually in that space, and if so, how will you need it set up? Please check in directly with Emmanuel. *Note: If you have a specific layout that would be better shown visually, please upload it below.*
Cleanup (Cont'd) *
Will you be taking sole responsibility for the cleanup of all spaces used, or will you require facilities help?
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Childcare *
Do you need childcare provided? *NOTE: Must be requested at least 3 weeks prior to event.* Please email Sharon Ng (sng@sfschool.org) immediately to confirm that childcare may be available, if you have not already.
If childcare is needed, please check whether early childhood (Preschool/K), non-early childhood (1st-8th) or both will be needed.
Security *
Do you need doors unlocked/locked? Disarming/arming the alarm?
Tuesday Note Home *
Have you communicated with Tuesday Note Home (tnh@sfschool.org) about publicity for this event, if needed? (NOTE: please try to send all TNH items by Monday at noon.)
(SFS Staff/Faculty Only) Kitchen Needs *
In some instances, Jessica or Anne may be able to help with snacks or other food items. NOTE: requests must be made 2 weeks in advance via the Food Service Request form. Please complete the form (link below). Failure to do so may result in the kitchen not being able to fill your request. https://forms.gle/uiq4L81bnA6hfaG98
Audio/Visual/Technology Needs *
Will you be using any audio/visual elements or other technology during your event? If so, please email tech@sfschool.org as well (this will help Afandie plan his time and be better able to meet your needs).
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