25 X 25
As Raindance grows, both Raindance Film Festival and the Independent Film Trust continue to provide an inclusive platform for aspiring filmmakers remains at the heart of what the Festival and courses year round.

For our 25th Anniversary, we want to create a programme for 25 under-represented voices to gain access to the Festival, to help inspire and develop their work. Participants will gain Festival accreditation and be able to enjoy exposure to a range of films, networking event and industry talks as they further their practice and networks across the Festival.
25th Raindance Film Festival
About Raindance
A champion of independent cinema around the world, the Raindance Film Festival is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Fostering an environment of creativity and inspiration for emerging and established filmmakers, the Festival showcases feature, documentary and short films, music videos, web series and virtual reality experiences. Raindance also offers opportunities for industry collaboration through its co-production and industry days forums.

Known for providing an international launch platform for independent films, Raindance hosted the UK and world premieres of cult hits such as Pulp Fiction (dir. Quentin Tarantino), Memento (dir. Christopher Nolan) and Down Terrace (dir. Ben Wheatley). Last year’s big Festival winner – The Shepherd (dir. Jonathan Cenzual Burley) was released in UK cinemas earlier this year by Matchbox Films and winner of last year’s award for Best Documentary, Growing Up Coy (dir. Eric Juhola) was released by Netflix in January.

Based in the heart of London, Raindance combines Raindance Film Festival, Training Courses, the prestigious British Independent Film Awards . And, as it enters its 25th year, Raindance Film Festival is now officially recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences USA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the British Independent Film Awards.
25 X 25 Application
Please complete this form by Mon 4th September.
If your application is successful, we will organise a call with you for the week 11th Sept.
If you have access needs and would like to record your answers rather than writing, please send in an audio recording.
Please note, this is a pilot programme. Travel support for low income and those with additional access needs maybe available for London based applicants. We regret we cannot support those outside of London for our first year of the programme, but we hope to in the future.
For any further questions about the programme, please email Georgina@raindance.co.uk and cc Kezia@raindance.co.uk
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Tell us about yourself. (In 400 words, describe your creative work, what it means to you and the challenges you face in producing your work.)
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Tell us how you represent undiscovered talent? (Raindance Film Festival’s tagline is discovered, be discovered. 25 x 25 is celebrating those voices in film which still remain undiscovered. Tell us how you represent undiscovered voices in 200 words.)
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Are you available day/evenings between 20th Sept - 1 October to attend at least 5 screenings or events?
Are you free for a welcome event on either Thursday 21st Sept or Saturday 23rd Sept?
Example of work: (provide links to a maximum of 3 examples)
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We are exploring additional funding for travel support - this is currently unconfirmed. Will you require travel support and if so, please give some details of why.
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