Joining the Alumni Network

We want to be a generation that engages with a lifelong, whole-life pursuit of Jesus and justice, bringing transformation across every sphere of society by giving generously, consuming ethically, loving radically and seeking change in the industries in which we work.

We want to provide community, envision our graduates to fight for justice and equip them practically so that, with God's help, this vision becomes a reality.

We want to invite everyone who's been involved with Just Love at university to join the Alumni Network.


We hold a big national gathering every November in London. Speakers and experts from across the country join us as we delve deeper in pursuing justice through work, church and relationships.

We organise career sphere gatherings throughout the year so that we can encourage and hold each other accountable to our values and dreams. We'll pass your details on to the relevant sphere leader and they'll be in touch about events, conversations and meet-ups going on.

We run a mentoring scheme whereby Just Love graduates are mentored by experienced leaders in their chosen field of work.

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