Climate Coalition Steering Committee Application
Over the past 6 months, the Maryland Climate Coalition has engaged in an open process to reimagine who we are and how we function. We are now actively soliciting up to 15 steering committee members.

The Coalition is guided by a Steering Committee made up of organizational representatives and At-Large Members. The Steering Committee will:

*Pay attention to Coalition developments
*Advise the fiscal agent on the hiring, management, and performance of contractual support, including consultant providing Coalition Coordinator responsibilities.
*Guide fundraising efforts for the Coalition and review and approve Coalition budget, based on the approved goals/work plans, and any budgetary changes.
*Initiate changes to Coalition governance policies/framework document.
*Prioritize the planning for the achievement of our overarching goals—specifically the development of a long-term plan to achieve net zero emissions and the expansion of our table with an equity lens—and work with Coalition staff to ensure that the timeline for achieving these goals is implemented.
*Work to resolve matters of conflict and advance key questions that cannot be resolved by Committees.
*Work to solicit and secure dues from member organizations
*Play an active role in at least one priority effort of the Coalition

An individual should seek to become, or consent to be, a Steering Committee member only if they are prepared to devote the attention and effort necessary to fulfill the substantial responsibilities involved.

Learn more about our governance model and history here:

Learn more about the principles that unite our coalition here:

Learn about our 2020 Climate Action plan here:

Question? Contact Dan Furmansky, Coalition Coordinator, at
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The Steering Committee is committed to inclusive and equitable representation and shall reserve Steering Committee seats for organizations (1) that help us realize diversity that reflects the demographics of the state (2) whose priorities are informed by the interests and voices of front-line communities most impacted by environmental injustice (3) who comprise a large membership base with representative, local/grassroots constituencies* and/or (4) who enable us to promote a multi-generational movement. Given these foundational goals for our coalition, please feel free to share any relevant information about your background that will help us understand what crucial perspectives you might bring to the table. *
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Will you be able to honor the time commitment for the steering committee? We anticipate an average of 3-5 hours per month in slow months (one steering committee meeting, plus reading/responding to developments as they arise) and up to 3-5 hours per week during the legislative session and during periods of intense planning. *
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