Availability for Spanish Classes in La Roma
We're a small team of teachers in La Roma that love teaching Spanish (3 Mexicans & a gringo w/11 years of linguistic research on the topic of Spanglish under his belt). We understand your struggle to learn Spanish and can help you avoid common pitfalls as well as help you to understand it in a clear way that makes sense.

The format of the classes is very conversational and flexible. There are classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, and each class lasts 2 hours. The average class size is 2-5 people, so each student receives plenty of individual attention.

Your first class is 100 pesos, and after the costs are:
-1,000 pesos for 5 clases (100/hour or roughly $5 US/hr).
-each time that you bring us a new student, you each get a FREE class!

For more information, please complete this short questionnaire about your availability for the classes or contact me directly via whatsapp: +52 (1) 81 2630 3370 (my number is from Monterrey, but I live in Mexico City).

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Beginner A1: you're not confident having simple conversations in the present tense; Beginner A2: you're comfortable to have basic conversations in the present tense, but still need work on the past, continuous, future, conditional, present perfect, and subjunctive tenses; Intermediate: you're ready to start honing your conversation skills in all of the important tenses of Spanish; Advanced: you've had some years (or 6 months at least) of experience speaking Spanish and simply need to continue to polish your speaking.
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