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In accordance with Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, SUBU Advice has a legitimate interest to process information relevant to your case or enquiry. We will process your information for a period of six years to satisfy your interests and those of SUBU Advice. Your information will remain confidential and stored securely within SUBU Advice and on our case management system, Advicepro. You have the right to access the information we hold on you, update your information and request for it to be deleted. Please email your request to You will get a response within three working days.

Our full GDRP Policy and Procedure can be found on, or you can request a copy from a member of the team.

We will not share your data with a third party without your explicit consent, unless we have a legal obligation to do so. See the SUBU Advice Confidentiality Policy for exceptions.

SUBU Advice holds the Advice Quality Standard, and as such is audited every two years. This is to ensure we maintain our standards of Advice. Auditors from the AQS may check enquiry/case records. They will keep all information confidential.We will not permit an AQS assessor to review your file without your consent.

When registering with the service we offer clients the opportunity to provide us with 'special category data'. This data helps us identify trends and make service improvements, ensuring we are accessible to all BU students. If this data isn't relevant to your enquiry/case and we do not have your consent, we will not process it. We also ask if SUBU Advice can use your anonymised enquiry/case as a case study to showcase the work we do to our stakeholders.

You can update your details and levels of consent at anytime by completing another registration form.
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