CARFMS19: Interrogating Integration / ACERMF19: Interroger l'intégration
Abstract Submission Form / Présentation de communications individuelles et des propositions de panel
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Please check if you would like your abstract to be considered for the Bridging Day CARFMS/CALACs Collaborative Mini-Conference, which will be held on May 13, 2019
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Please include names, emails and institutional affiliations of each co-presenter / S'il vous plaît inclure les noms, courriels et les affiliations institutionnelles de chaque co-présentateur
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For panel proposals please include a rationale for the panel (200 words max) as well as a title and brief description of each paper. / Pour les propositions de panel, veuillez soumettre la motivation de panel (200 mots) avec le titre et le résumé de chaque essai.
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