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We are so excited to host your event/workshop in our healing community space! To inquire about renting our space for your event date/time please answer the following questions. Cost for the space is $25/hr with a minimum of two hours. A $50 security deposit is required to hold the time/date of your event.

When you host an event in our space, we will create a Facebook event for you on The Village Facebook page. Please utilize this event, and don't create a duplicate event as this can cause a lot of confusion for your guests. You will also receive the leverage of advertising through @thebeccawhite and @thedoulakate's audiences as we are proud to share your message and are eager to shine light on our beautiful space. Look at this as a form of free advertising ;-)

Prior to leaving our space after your event, please sweep the floor, remove garbage, wipe down all tables, rearrange The Atrium and The Lounge as it was upon arrival, ensure all lights are off, and ensure anything you brought with you is removed from the space.

If you agree to these terms, please see final question, and electronically sign.

Love & Light,
Becca & Kate
The Village
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