CalFresh Eligibility Pre-Screening Tool
CalFresh, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or colloquially known as food stamps is a federally funded program that helps with the cost of of buying groceries and prepared meals. Students can get up to $192/month for groceries. Benefits are preloaded into a debit card (EBT card) which you can use in at any grocery store and farmers market. Ex. Ralphs, Whole Foods, Trade Joe's, Target (they all take CalFresh)!

CalFresh is a government-funded food assistance program, previously known as food stamps, that helps with the cost of buying groceries and prepared meals. Students can get up to $192 to spend on groceries each month.

The CalFresh Initiative at UCLA started in order to promote this resource to the thousands of college students that are eligible on our campus. In 2016, $16 million in state funding allocated to CalFresh went unused. This funding was for you!

Please fill out this questionnaire as a prescreening for CalFresh eligibility.

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