UNDP SDG Impact Practice Standards for Private Equity
This is a consultation draft of the SDG Impact Practice Standards for Private Equity Funds. Your active participation and feedback is invited and welcome. UNDP is committed to ensuring that that SDG Impact Practice Standards are valuable and useful to the field.
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Guiding Questions
The Standards
- Are the Standards and tests appropriate and complete?
- Do the Standards have gaps in information needed by the market to make informed investment decisions on a comparable basis?
- Have we captured the key elements of market leading impact measurement and management practice?
- What aspects of the Standards do you consider most fundamental to SDG-enabling practice? Why?
- What factors will influence adoption of the Standards?
- Are there other frameworks or principles (other than the ones already listed) that you believe the Standards should align with?
- Which other asset classes do you believe would benefit from having similar Standards made available (e.g. bonds?, enterprises?, projects/infrastructure?, others?)
- What other resources and guidance would you find useful for us to include?

Levels of attainment
- Are the levels of attainment clearly defined and evidence-able?
- Does the “partially meets” level of attainment strikes the right balance between being sufficiently robust on the one hand and accessible on the other?

Certification framework
- What is your view of the proposed approach to certification (i.e. “does not meet”, “partially meets” and “meets” levels of attainment, positive certification at the “partially meets” and “meets” levels of attainment when 80% of the tests are satisfied, if an agreed improvement plan is put in place to address key opportunities for improvement?)
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