Medical Social Equity Initiative Interest Form
Our goal in forming this organization is to help Pre-Health students understand the complex political, social and economic issues that many of our future patients may face, and to learn how to better address the needs of each patient. Everyone deserves equal access to optimal healthcare and resources regardless of race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, faith, and sexual orientation. Thus, our goal is to raise awareness about the intersectionality between social equity causes, the health field, and medical policies. Through this organization, we hope to not only help others grow and become more aware of the issues affecting different patients from different backgrounds but to also help address any implicit biases one may hold. We hope that through this organization we can become empowered to work towards improving health equity within our own community and become more knowledgeable and well-rounded health professionals in the future.

Some future event ideas:
- Giving students a chance to connect with experts on healthcare disparities on national and international levels such as speakers from organizations, physicians, professors, researchers, activists, etc.
- Giving students a chance to hear personal stories from patients or even their own peers about experiences with healthcare disparities
- Introducing courses to provide a more well rounded Pre-Health Education and inviting professors to talk about their own courses
- Having roundtable discussions about social issues in the health field
- Volunteering and fundraising for different organizations around UIC (i.e. making care packages) and raising awareness about free clinics/resources
- Connecting students with clinics and organizations in need of volunteers

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