Registration for the 2020-2021 school year at St. Helena's Early Enrichment Program (SHEEP)
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In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical care, I authorize the person in charge to take my child to this physician (name, address & phone number). *
In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical care, I authorize the person in charge to take my child to this medical facility (name, address & phone number). *
By typing my name below, I give consent for SHEEP to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child. *
List any special problems that your child may have, such as, allergies, existing illnesses, previous serious illness, injuries and hospitalizations during the past 12 months, any medication prescribed for long-term continuous use, and any other information which caregivers should be aware of.
Baby-sitting Agreement: I understand that if a SHEEP staff member takes care of my child(ren), for pay or voluntarily, that they are not acting as a member of the SHEEP staff when they care for my children outside of normal school hours, extended care or enrichment days. I understand that St. Helena's does not endorse or imply that SHEEP staff are approved to be hired for jobs outside of the school day. I also understand that SHEEP staff are not required to follow school policies when they are not on the St. Helena's campus. I understand that SHEEP is not responsible for the health, safety or well-being of my child if I chose to hire a staff member to care for my child(ren) outside of the aforementioned times. *
Permission to Access Files: On occasion, other entities may ask for information about your child. In the event that information is being requested, SHEEP staff will let you know. I understand that my child's personal information, medical records, and developmental assessments are confidential, and available to me upon request. I understand that the staff of SHEEP will have ongoing access to my child's file, records and assessment information. I grant SHEEP, it's teaching staff and administrators, as well as regulatory agencies such as Texas Department of Health & Human Services permission to access my child's file, records and assessments as part of any required inspection. *
I have viewed a copy of the St. Helena's Early Enrichment Program Parent Handbook on the school web page. I have been given the opportunity to read the manual, ask questions, and I understand the policies contained therein. Furthermore, I agree to abide by the policies set forth in the manual. I understand that the policies described in the Parent Handbook are not conditions of enrollment, and the language does not create a contract between SHEEP and the parents. St. Helena's Early Enrichment Program reserves the right to alter, amend, or otherwise modify these guidelines, in it's sole discretion, without prior notice. You will be notified of policy changes in writing. By typing BOTH parent's names, we acknowledge the above statement. *
Child daycare operations are public accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title III. If you believe that such an operation may be practicing discrimination in violation of Title III, you may call the ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301. Type your name below to show understanding. *
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