Please note that all Entry Forms should be submitted beginning September 1. Deadline for submission is October 14, 2016 at 4pm.

The Form can also be downloaded from the SBA website ( and MOCI website (

Women into Woodwork Sector (especially Rubber Wood) are encouraged to apply.

Company Name *
Please enter the registered name of the company.
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How did you hear about the Conference? *
Please be as specific as possible. Check all that apply.
Name of Business Owner *
Please enter the name of the business owner(s).
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Age Range of Owner *
Please enter the age range of the owner.
Gender of Owner *
Please enter the gender of the owner.
Phone Number *
Please enter a contact number for the business.
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Please enter the company email, if applicable.
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Company's Current Physical Address
Please enter the company's current physical address, if applicable.
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Years of Operation *
Please indicate how many years the business has been operating.
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Number of Contracts *
Please indicate the total number of government contracts executed by the business in the past year. Enter 0 if none.
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Sector of Operation *
Please indicate all sectors within which the business operates. For example: construction; transportation; logistics, catering; lodging, travel, woodwork, services, IT, cleaning services, security, consulting, agriculture, textiles, etc.
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Annual Revenue *
Please enter the total estimated annual revenue of the business. Minimum eligible is USD$2,500.00 or LD$ equivlent.
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Number of Employees *
Please specify the number of employees. Enter total, then number of male, then number of female.
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Training Needs *
Identify your training needs. Check any three areas of priority.
Business Operation *
Note: Please describe your business operation (one page or less) considering the following: production, procurement, management, marketing, competitive advantage and local content. Please attach brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. of your business
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