Children's Ministry Volunteer Survey
As discussions continue concerning the reopening of in-person children's ministry activities at HCC, we desire to understand where members of our volunteer team stand concerning their interest and ability to return to their role(s) in this area. We recognize two things. First, the ability for us to open children's ministry classes and events will only be possible with the support of our valued volunteers. Second, we understand and respect the varying viewpoints concerning the current health crisis, and that some volunteers may feel ready to return, and others do not. Your response to this survey will provide crucial feedback as Leann and Sandy continue to explore opportunities for providing in-person children's ministry classes and events of any kind.

Thank you for all that you do for HCC kids. We appreciate your service!
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What is your volunteer role in HCC's children's ministry? (check all that apply) *
At what point in time would you be willing to return to your role as a volunteer on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening? *
Would you be interested in serving on a planning committee to discuss and plan for the re-opening of children's ministry? *
What are your concerns or questions about re-opening Children's Ministry events/classes?
Please note we may not have answers, but we appreciate knowing your thoughts and will answer your questions to the best of our ability.
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