CASPer Scenario: "The First Aid Fail"

Rose, the CPR instructor, is leading a demonstration, where Michael, the branch manager, is performing CPR on a dummy. As he tries to follow her instructions, a large number of office employees sit and watch the demonstration in the conference room. Rose recommends using the rhythm of a popular song, “Staying Alive,” but Michael and the rest of the staff interrupt and speak over one another during the mock rescue scenario. Michael ends up “losing” the dummy patient during the demonstration. Another staff member, Dwight, gets caught up in the chaos of the room and decides to maim and destroy the dummy, causing distress to other employees present.


Watch the video below, then answer the three follow-up questions.
Use no more than 5 minutes to answer all three questions.

Video - The First Aid Fail
Question 1: Michael (the one performing CPR) is a boss who wants to make the workplace fun. In what professional contexts is that achievable and appropriate?
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Question 2: What could Rose (the CPR instructor) have done differently during the presentation to make it run more smoothly or help the staff retain the lesson?
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Question 3: Dwight (the one who destroyed the dummy) is reprimanded by his boss David Wallace at the very end of the video. Other than loss of company money, how could David help Dwight see the problem with his actions?
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