Allergy and Immune Condition Owner Survey
The purpose of this survey is to get a better picture of Kishu Ken health and wellness when it comes to allergies and autoimmune-like skin conditions from purebred Kishu Ken owners. Your information will only be shared in the capacity of statistic generation to show the result of overall responses. Personal information will remain anonymous (such as owner information and registered name of the dog).
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Have you ever witnessed chronic or patterned itching behavior from your Kishu Ken? *
Have you ever witnessed skin inflammation in your Kishu Ken? *
Does your Kishu Ken ever lick at their paws, or show redness on their paws or mouths (or other red staining on the fur)? *
Has your Kishu Ken been diagnosed, through veterinary exam or diagnostic, with any of the following? *
If allergy-prone, what food or environmental condition has been noted as the cause?
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Has your Kishu Ken ever had a vaccine reaction? *
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The information here will be kept anonymous. It will not be used in the statistic, but is to help ensure the dogs used in the statistic represent a quality sample of pedigreed, purebred Kishu Ken as best we can, and to help further pedigree analysis & research.
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