Vanguard XP Form - Support!
To earn your Support XP, please provide us with some information about how you've helped to support others in our mission to Transform, Innovate, and Mentor. This form should also be used to log School Lead calls.
Who Are You?
What is your name? *
What is your Fulton County email address? *
About Your Activity
If you had to give your activity a title, what would that title be? *
Briefly describe how you have supported the growth of other educators, or supported the work of Vanguard, during this activity. *
How long did you spend on this activity? *
To be eligible for XP, the activity should have taken at least thirty minutes. For amounts higher than one hour, round to the nearest hour. School meetings and school lead meetings should be 30 minutes long each.
Show off your work!
We are eager to celebrate the awesome work you are doing to support Vanguard’s mission. We want to highlight the work of our Vanguardians in the VanWeekly, on Twitter, and any other way we can think of that showcases this amazing team.

Below, you will provide a link to an artifact showcasing your work related to this activity. It will be reviewed by the XP Committee and it may be shared with a broader audience, so put your best foot forward!

Think creatively and consider taking some photographs or capturing work product rather than just submitting something like an agenda.

It should be cloud hosted (e.g. YouTube or OneDrive), so that we can access it from just the link you provide. Please check that rights and permissions are set correctly so we can see your work!
Submit your link.
If you are submitting a School Lead Meeting, VanLeadership Meeting, or a School Meeting, DO NOT submit a link. If you are submitting any other activity, you do need to provide a link to an artifact showcasing your work. If you are submitting a Twitter Chat, please submit a link to one of your Tweets.
Vanguardian Oath
Vanguardians are hard working and honest. I affirm that this is an accurate representation of the time and effort I’ve put into furthering the Vanguard mission. *
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