EPAi 5 - Extensive Python + PyTorch for AI

EPAi 5 is the fifth version of our advanced course in Python which will provide you with a fundamental understanding of Python language and the standard library. This is an advanced course, and it is expected that you already know Python, it's syntax, for and while loops, if/else statements, functions, basic classes and a little bit of Git versioning. You'll need to be extremely dedicated while taking this course. The instructor will inspire and drive you, but a lot depends on you!

This is only a registration form and does not guarantee your enrollment, but keeps you high in the priority list of enrollments as we follow first-in-first-enrollment model.

The course is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1 will cover Functional Python and Phase 2 will cover OOPs and PyTorch in depth.

Just to make sure, please go through this video if you plan to take this course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uQrJ0TkZlc

If you have taken any course at TSAI, you know that we will go very deep into the topics and the course is going to be hard. So it is expected that you would put your best into the course as we will from our ends.

This course is also different from our other courses. Here are the key differences:

1. This course involves live coding and all concepts are explained through code.
2. You will have access to the code AS the instructor is typing it. So it is expected that you are copying the code on your terminal and executing it to understand the code/concept better.  
3. Sessions are generally going to be long with couple of breaks and may extend up to 3 hours sometimes
4. The sessions will end with an assignment and a quiz that needs to be finished within 7 days.
5. There is a "CapStone" like the project at the end, and you must clear the CapStone project with at least 50% aggregate to qualify for the Phase 2.
6. The minimum cutoff required for Phase I is 70% for assignment and quizzes and 50% for the Capstone.

There is no learning "deep learning" without amazing Programming skills. Writing code is like poetry, and who can write poetry without great command over the language. EPAi is designed is to focus on just that, hardcore concepts one need to know to master Python. Read the student feedback below to see how they felt about the course.

Classes would be held every Saturday at 1:30 PM.
The course will start 20th Jan 2024. 

Important Dates:
Registration Opens: 16th Dec 2023
Registration Closes: 16th April 2024 or batch capacity
Enrollment Opens: 16th March 2023
Enrollment Closes: 16th April 2024 or batch capacity
First Class: 20th April 2024 1:30 PM

Visit www.theschoolof.ai for more details!

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Course Feedback from EPAi Phase 1 Students
# Initially I thought it would be just like all other python courses, I joined just thinking I might learn few things more.. but as the session progressed I was like.. okay I don't know python.. amazing sessions and course content
# A very in-depth course and excellent concepts
# I really liked the course content. I never learned python in this much depth. Now I can say that I am a python developer 😊
# Slightly hectic, when it comes to the assignment submission. More days(at least week time should be given for assignment submission)
# Has helped me know about intricate things on python
# Course content is good and in-depth which makes it easy to understand for anyone
# Seriously EPAi one of the best Intermediate Python Courses that I have taken up. In-depth Content, Fun-To-Do Assignments, what else do I need?
# Honestly I learned a lot from this course... Course contents are really good and covered in-depth which I really liked.
# It is really awesome course !!! Good in-depth sessions.
# For me course really helped a lot. Got to learn many new things.
# Course is well structure but would request more time for the assignment submissions. Like other courses a week should be good in my opinion.
# Excellent stuff
# Very nice course I learned a lot
# The course content is very well structured and assignments are also top-notch
# Excellent course
# This course is extremely unique. Not surprised as it's from TSAI. My overall experience with TSAI has been amazing ever since.
# Hits the very core foundation of important concepts
# One of the best courses I have ever attended
# Good course content, too fast pace, challenging assignments
# Gives in-depth knowledge about the design and working behavior of python
# Advanced course in python which teaches CI/CD as extra practice.
# It's very good
# Its great course for Advance Pythons for AI
# good platform to explore so many new concepts
# In-depth understanding of python for writing optimized, error-free, and modular codes. Creating our own packages and module.
# Course content is good and touching the deep roots of python
# The course is very useful for me, I have not seen a course with this good content online.
# it's beautiful
# Awesome, worth it
# I think it's a very exhaustive course and is really going to be useful for my career.

Feedback on the Instructor:
# I joined because you were teaching
# Take a bow
# What can I say, he is the best person to teach this course
# Too good
# Rohan is an amazing instructor and makes every attempt to clarify things
# G.O.D
# One of the best instructors and influencers I have seen in my life.
# Fabulous. Please take some more courses like this - C++, Javascript.
# When I think of Rohan, I see dedication, commitment, and discipline. when I look back I see much change in me. # Thank you very much, Rohan.
# Good as always
# The instructor is awesome like always!
# Class apart
# good
# Knowledgeable
# Excellent
# Knowledgeable
# Awesome
# Awesome
# Good hardworking
# Perfect
# Good
# Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Honored to have such a mentor
# Knowledgeable, explains even the tiniest detail
# Rohan is very very very knowledgeable. And more than that, he is an awesome and inspirational teacher. He knows the # issues that the students might face and keep their content and hands-on session based on these factors.
# Man! No comments!
# Perfect to describe in one word and easily one of the best teachers I have studied under in my life yet
# expert in python
# Good
# One of the finest instructor from whom I have taken the course
# He gives great  insight into the topic taken
# Excellent & Has a lot of passion & patience
# He is well knowledgeable in the topics
# Rohan has the ability to deliver complex concepts in a nice and simple yet powerful way.
# Rohan is awesome.
# Rohan is exceptional.
# can't get better
# I don't think it can get better than Rohan. It is his humble nature and passion that he brings to each class that # drives me.
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Do you know that you have to clear 70% minimum cut-off in the assignments and quizzes and 50% minimum cutoff in the CapStone project to be able to attend Phase 2? *
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