Digressive Approach Template
This template is to help you think about any project you might have to promote pluralism, make it truly critical and respectful of individual freedom.
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Project title
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What lack of choice in people’s lives would you like to address with your project?
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Explain why offering that choice is important.
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What root cause would you tackle in order to allow that choice?
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How would you characterise the root cause?
Can you elaborate on this characterization?
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Does the root cause (constraint) offer some advantages?
The root cause might allow for a number of individual choices exceeding the ones that it prevents. For instance, mandatory health check-ups is a constraint that is limiting people's freedom, but it arguably offers people more choices by increasing their lifespan.
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How do you plan to tackle the root cause?
Conciliation is recommended when the constraint cannot be dismantled, or is considered to offer overall more individual choices than its dismantling.
Explain how your project will either promote (multi-)competition or conciliation.
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Free will can’t be achieved by imposing one’s views. Explain how your project will promote pluralism without imposing any personal view.
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Not too sure how to apply the digressive approach?
Please go to the Plural think tank website to see examples: http://plural.world.

Read the book and manifesto: http://bruchansky.name/digressive-society/.

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