Culture.World.Diversity. Youth Exchange
Don’t give discrimination a chance! Homophobia, xenophobia and various other types of discrimination and exclusion are part of everyday life nowadays! To contribute to the retrieved issue of discrimination on the European political agenda we want to pick this topic out as the central theme of our youth exchange.

The Culture.World.Diversity. Youth Exchange is going to bring together 30 youngsters from 6 different countries(Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus) to raise awareness about discrimination and connected to it human rights and different cultures so that to form a base for further active engagement of youth in their communities. This project is a continuation of a set of successful youth exchanges organised by Culture.World.Me. about human rights and theatre.

if you have any questions regarding the project, don't hesitate to reach us via email

WARNING: If you exceed the word count in any of the section of the application, we will not consider your whole application)

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