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2016-2017 Parking Lot Policy/Regulations
BHS Parking Policy For Students
Parking on Campus is a Privilege - not a right! (Please read carefully!)
The cost for a parking permit is $40.00/yr.

1. The permit MUST be hung from the rear view mirror facing out.

2. North Lot - SENIORS Only - underclassman will be towed. The north lot has visitor parking next to the street (painted yellow) and four rows of staff parking, closest to the football field (also painted yellow).
Lower Lot - Underclassman/Senior Overflow
West Lot - Staff Only
South Lot - Staff Only

3. If you park without a permit, park in the senior lot and are not a senior, park in staff parking or visitor parking, YOU MAY BE TOWED AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE.

4. Students who drive in an unsafe manner or behave inappropriately in the parking lot may have their permit suspended or revoked. Parking lot speed limit is 10 mph.

5. Forgery of permits may result in the loss of your permit for the year.

6. Skipping class or other behaviors deemed inappropriate by administration may also result in a permit being suspended or revoked.

Parking Lot Disciplinary Actions
1. First Offense - Warning Sticker
2. Second Offense - Warning sticker, meeting with student, parent notified
I have read the above guidelines and agree to abide by them while attending BHS. I also understand that if I do not follow the guidelines my vehicle may be towed at my expense and my parking permit may be suspended or revoked
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