One More Calorie | Home Baker Survey
One More Calorie aims to connect talented home bakers with customers. One More Calorie will enable our customers find and order products from our talented home bakers within their city.
With our brand & SaaS product(s) we will focus on doing PR and digital marketing for home bakers. Our goal is to connect with all home bakers pan India and form a community to benefit customers & each other.
We're a new brand looking forward to connect with as many people as possible. Currently we making a lead pool of home bakers and doing our brand marketing on social media. Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
In coming months, we are planning to develop our brand's promotion website and mobile ordering app for our customers and home bakers.
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What is your business name? *
Are you part of any community? If yes, fill name.
How many customer(s) have you served so far? *
How do customer(s) make order(s) to your business? *
On an average day, how many order(s) would you receive in one day? (Before lock down situation) *
How do you manage these order(s)? *
Do you keep record of every customer that orders from you? *
What online(over the Internet) presence do you have? (Choose one or more) *
Would you choose you get your order(s) by online(website/mobile app) means? *
Would you like to share your customer review(s), feedback(s) and testimonial(s) on an online(website/mobile app) platform? *
Would to like to contribute to a new baking community on an online platform? (By teaching, attending events and creating blog posts) *
Would you like to have a brand do PR and digital marketing for you? (Create posts about your business, blogging, SEO based name search, providing digital menu for your product(s) & sharing your review & rating) *
How can we reach back to you? Share your number/email. (Promise we won't spam or cold call you) *
Thank you for taking time to fill out this survey. It will give us more insight and help us in building our product(s) and community. We assure you that protecting your data is our priority and will never be shared with anyone. In case you have any question, write to us at and do follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram - Facebook -
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